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[Last updated on 25 Dec 2013- the newest version is here.]

This blog revolves around my interest in organizations and interfaces that change behavior. With that broad topic, I’ve been able to slide around to pretty much anything I’ve read that interests me. I’ve pushed out about 70 posts since I started in late August, of varying qualities, lengths, and amounts of original content.

There have been some common threads that my posts have hit. If you’re only interested in one thread, maybe this can help. I write a lot of disparate notes in the same posts, though, but you’ll have to dig to get at any of those for now, sorry. Most of my posts are not represented here, including ones I’m pretty fond of.

EDIT: Since I last updated wordpress, my fonts have apparently been going nuts. I’m not sure what’s up with that.


DownWing Thought (and other Internet Politics)

Prereq: Upwing/Downwing and Etherealization

I’m fascinated by fringe politics, partly for the rhetorical/tribal functions that are easier to see in ecosystems I’m not a part of, and partly for their clarifying effect on the failings of more familiar political thought. (A little more on my rationalization of this obsession in “Why Weird Politics” here.)


Oswald Spengler and Decline of the West

  • Prereqs: Notes on Historiography mentions Spengler and other historians I took an interest in this year. Wrote all of this in early October 2013.
    I got into Spengler through John Greer’s blog. Greer is a fascinating DownWing author has been a fount of resources on certain strains of thought.
  1. Spengler’s Winter (an intro)
  2. Spengler’s Meaning of Numbers (on the first chapter of Decline of the West)
  3. Faustian Culture (Spengler’s preferred title for “Western” culture)
  4. Spengler on Pseudomorphosis (Cultures that clash)


“Apologetics” (Narratives that define groups)


Inspired by Ribbonfarm’s 2013 guests (mostly Mike Travers and Kevin Simler, although I liked all of the guest writers), I started looking into “Parliamentary Minds” and “Bicameral Mind” threads of thought, which I was mostly familiar with through Daniel Dennett and Douglass Hofstadter before.


Views of Human Organization
Posts responsible for a lot of the vocabulary I use.


Numbers as Rhetoric


The oldest thread in this blog was on a nonlinear view of history and technology.


Scrambled Notes

There’s some idea development going on in short bursts here, based on readings I enjoyed.


Early Consolidations

This is some longer stuff I tried my hand at earlier, but will probably be retreading soon because they were sloppy, too-early draft attempts.

The Weird and the Banal / Playing Everything



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