The Marveliad: A summary

ACN: A summary of a series of posts by Matthew Ball and Jonathan Glick titled “The Marveliad“, with periodic injections of my own biases and of Nayar’s Before Literature. The Death and ‘Rebirth’ of the Epic A/N The Epic as an “Actual History” is mostly still dead (so far). Modern Epics as I’ll describe them more »

Pre-Lit 2: Orality as a mode in Visual Media

Agonistic Storytelling More evidence that the statues, cathedrals, fossils, and transcriptions that we are left with deny us the color, behavior, and flavor of the monuments, animals, and storytelling media as they lived. Believe it or not, our engagement with the plays of William Shakespeare may have gone this increasingly, if accidentally “literized” direction. Historian more »

Pre-Lit – Some Context, Feb 2020

Attention Conservation Notice: This post is primarily a prompt setting myself up for several posts springing from my recent reading of Before Literature: The Narrative Without the Written Word, which hit me at the right time and connected to other ideas I’ve been exploring. This series of posts represent a thread of thought I couldn’t more »

Liminal Passage 2019

It’s the end of the decade, I should write something! Why not. In 2009, I graduated High School. In 2012 I graduated college and started work as a consultant. (In 2013 I started writing here.) In 2017 I left my job and left the country to explore and work with some college friends in India more »

Excerpt: Chaos Management

Those who, like Pavlovsky, know from the inside how the [Russian] system works, those who have seen the beast from close quarters, come back impressed by its chaotic nature. It is certainly not the case that President Putin has established a clear power channel by which decisions are transmitted down to the lower levels of more »

Filippo San Martino of Agliè

Hyperbolic fantasist real-estate developer becomes spectacle-based political power broker (stop me if you’ve heard this one before) A small pantheon of schemers vs the tolkienic hero Filip St Martin and Power in Fantasy Bruce Sterling and his parter work in an old palace in Turin called the “Vineyard of the Royal Madame”. Their residence is more »

Sterling on ‘Cyberpunk’ in 2019

Some disconnected notes branching from Sterling’s 2019 SXSW talk Contrasting cyberpunk with the mass market New Sincerity aesthetic Changes in the cultural role played by sci-fi, “The New Courtiers” [2012] If Land’s cyber-futurism can seem out of date, it is only in the same sense that jungle and techno are out of date – not more »

Sterling on “How to be futuristic”

Attention Conservation Notice: The value of an ACN is to tell you why you may not want to read the following post. This post is the continuation of a synthesis of Bruce Sterling talks, this time about the ‘process’ of futurism. It is shorter but much dryer than his actual monologues can be, and will more »

Dark Euphoria Notes (Recap)

A recap ofDark Euphoria, for quicker reference. “Dark Euphoria” is Sterling’s terms for the twenty-teens (meant poetically, not that it will stop next year). Dark Euphoria is an opening of the probability space that has a flavor of dread. In the original post I speculated that the main mechanism is chronic institutional failure and the more »

Solastalgia Notes III

Speculations about recovery The CBM-I task may show a patient a situation about a person yawning during their conversation. Then the patient is asked whether that person is “tired” or “bored.” The individual who answers “tired” is told the response is “correct,” and “bored” is incorrect. Through repetition, this type of CBM-I therapy helps the more »