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Personally, I don’t mind MBTI as a way to arbitrarily self-label. It has no scientific validity, but I figure if an MBTI type speaks to you then use it- others can see it as a shorthand to grasp something about what you see in yourself. I’m a consistent INTP, and perhaps it’s the Barnum Effect but I don’t mind adopting that identity.

I don’t have a huge problem with entertaining ideas that aren’t actually ‘true’ if they have some other use (in this case, in an expressive way). I enjoy stories and I enjoy the randomness of voluntarily submitting to a system of rules or fictions (a game type Caillois calls “Alea”). I’ve adopted my girlfriend’s brother’s occasional decision-making method of rolling dice occasionally. At upscale restaurants I like to take the waiter’s recommendation. I do not believe in horoscopes but I find them to be a fun tool to break out of inclinations in the day’s choices. I am not threatened by their cosmic meaninglessness.

I’m 27 today. The big 3^3.

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