Dark Euphoria Notes (Recap)

A recap ofDark Euphoria, for quicker reference. “Dark Euphoria” is Sterling’s terms for the twenty-teens (meant poetically, not that it will stop next year). Dark Euphoria is an opening of the probability space that has a flavor of dread. In the original post I speculated that the main mechanism is chronic institutional failure and the more »

Solastalgia Notes III

Speculations about recovery The CBM-I task may show a patient a situation about a person yawning during their conversation. Then the patient is asked whether that person is “tired” or “bored.” The individual who answers “tired” is told the response is “correct,” and “bored” is incorrect. Through repetition, this type of CBM-I therapy helps the more »

Solastalgia Notes II

Original post on Solastalgia here. The victim has a subjective feeling of having been irreparably damaged and having undergone an irreversible personality change. He or she has a sense of foreshortened future without expectation of a career, marriage, children, or normal lifespan (Istanbul Protocol, 1999, p. 47). Cited from “What is a ‘sense of foreshortened more »

Solastalgia Notes I

These notes were spawned by a series of posts I started writing, inspired by a binge of Bruce Sterling talks I missed between 2018-2019. Original post on Solastalgia here. One more micro-post each day this week. The climate crisis is here […] I always wondered how people would react. I’m pretty sure it’s fantastic catastrophes more »

Confidence Tricks

I. Accidentally Correct In Principles, Ray Dalio describes his earliest investing experience as a kid. He bought some cheap airline company stock during a bull run in the 1960s. He bought it precisely because it was cheap, with no further information. He didn’t know that the business was fundamentally struggling, and he had no inside more »


Personally, I don’t mind MBTI as a way to arbitrarily self-label. It has no scientific validity, but I figure if an MBTI type speaks to you then use it- others can see it as a shorthand to grasp something about what you see in yourself. I’m a consistent INTP, and perhaps it’s the Barnum Effect more »

(It’s Personal.)

I have quit my job, and I’m moving to Mumbai for at least six months. In the future, I’m sure I’ll spend more time talking about the project that has captured my imagination and compelled me to do this. There are also a number of other factors that have pulled (& pushed..) me towards this more »

It’s not personal.

“I’m a traffic cop. It’s a job. Somebody’s got to do it. I don’t even represent myself when I’m working. If I was representing myself, I’d let everyone off with a warning. I represent a system. Did I design the system? No. I just enforce it. It’s not for me to decide the system. We more »

Solastalgia in the 2020s

a/n: I don’t think the idea is fully fleshed-out yet, but I can always add and revise. TL;DR According to Sterling, the twenty-teens are defined by Dark Euphoria, a cultural temperament of exhilarating unthinkableness. This is the topic of the preceding post. The tone of Sterling’s speeches in the past couple of years has moved on from more »

Dark Euphoria in the 2010s

Bruce Sterling has a knack for coining/adopting rich phrases to describe cultural sensibilities. I watched some of his recent (2017) talks, and I wanted to record some notes on them to share. I figured a good place to start would be on his earlier talks on the current cultural moment. Bruce Sterling’s talks on “Dark more »