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September 02013

September is nearly over, and it’s now been over a month since my first post. I think the end of each month is a good time to outline my own logistical concerns from last month and project what I’ll do going forward.


The Horse_ebooks creators to me, over the phone on the last day of horse_ebooks: “Now is not the time to run out of gas.” Goodbye, horse_ebooks.


My next post is going to be a post-mortem of a game that I’ve co-developed with some other folks- it will be debuting at the Hacking Arts festival in Boston.

Note: The 02013 was originally a typo but I like the Long Now vibe so I’m keeping it.


I’ll try to hold on to some of my favorite longform essays from elsewhere on the internet during October and share them. That seems like a nice thing to do for future end-of-month posts.


My favorite work on this blog this month: I enjoyed writing these two posts especially because I spun around and talked about a broad range of stuff that particularly interested me (instead of summarizing other people’s work), and in small bursts I thought I did an okay job at it. I sort of wish I had written them out as 10 super-short posts instead of 2 large ones so that I can easily refer to them a bunch in the future, because I probably will. Maybe I should link up headers so that I can basically do that. I haven’t decided.

Some things I’d like to do in October:

  • Take more walks. Maybe establish a small workout routine. (Not for any reason other than health, really. I’m incredibly sedentary lately.)
  • Finish A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History- it should be done in short order
  • Work out a to-read list for Q3. Otherwise I’m going to drift aimlessly.
  • Decorate my place a bit for Halloween. Because I want to.
  • My girlfriend is teaching me Cantonese, a little bit at a time. I can count to ten (poorly), tell time (really poorly), and talk about what I’m eating and drinking (as long as it’s rice and tea/water). I suck at inflecting.
  • Maybe take a better look at Spengler, who is a big influence on a lot of sources I’ve been visiting lately.
  • I’ve been reviewing my school notes on the Pragmatists, maybe I’ll come up with something there to write about.
  • Manage fewer projects at a time (or at least smaller roles in those projects). I’m going to hurt myself otherwise- September was an unnecessarily intense, backheavy month.
  • Maybe begin scratching together more content that is my own and less explicitly a summary of my influences
  • Play with more hardware. Maybe purchase something that can help me learn on that front.
  • Plow through at least a one language on Codecademy. Partly to experience the UX of it and partly because it would feel productive.
  • Coursera: Financial Accounting; Video Games and Learning, 21st Century American Foreign Policy. (Maybe: Analysis of Algorithms, Logic)
  • More posts on what I am presently working on.

For now, I need to worry until work is over, and then start frantically fixing things for this Hacking Arts project.

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