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Report: 13 January

My weekly progress post, to help keep me focused and honest. It’s later than it should be but I need to keep posting or else the purpose for doing it is subverted.

I’m on a new project at work, and the first week demanded a lot of time/energy, including on this past weekend. Despite that, I’ve assembled some posts for the week- one more on games studies and two unrelated ones are likely to publish this week. I’d also like to dig more into flat organization stuff, but I haven’t found a great resource that really appeals to me. On the plane I got a chapter into Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy, and I almost think that I get it (!) so maybe I’ll farm that for notes.

Tomorrow’s my birthday!


Game Studies Series

The Huizinga, Caillois, Bateman, Bogost, and other readings that have leaked here came from this program. There’s still some supplementary reading to be done but my heavy-lift was reasonably successful.

There will be a call with my other partners on this project on Tuesday. We’re going to talk about calcifying this information and what shape we want that calcification to take, exactly. My contributions to our private project wiki are selective in a different direction than my summary posts here, but there’s a lot of overlap.



This project suffered as a result of my new project at work, which killed my free time in the past week. In the next few weeks, I hope to start building the game through a series of scenarios that I want the game to be able to enable. This week I’m going to invent hunting. I will be able to maneuver my shaman and warrior units, track an animal, and kill it by moving, attacking, and dodging. In fiddling with it, hopefully I’ll discover a feel that is unique and could potentially be replicated for simple war-making scenarios. Probably won’t get to do this until late this week.


Digital Magazine

People are writing and articles are being published! The quality isn’t Nobel-prize winning, but that was never my main concern. Now I want to see if I can maintain the social momentum with it. Will not share links here because it’s silly.


Other events this month:

  • This is traditionally the month of Global Game Jam, a weekend for making games. I might use it to either work on Shamangame, or to cram together something from scratch in a weekend-stretch.
  • My employer is hosting a contest that I joined a team for. I hope to contribute to constructing a demo, getting recognized, and winning the prize of getting to see some cool stuff. We’ll see!
  • I’m making a test minigame in Unity this week, to get a better feel for Unity. Probably the whole of it will be built Tues/Wed. Unity isn’t that hard, but I do come home awfully tired.

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