March 02014

I’m debating whether these meta-posts serve enough of a purpose to keep them up. It *is* only once per month, but I feel that my normal posts are self-referential enough.

I rediscovered a few hours a week by cutting down on my writing toward the end of this month. 9 posts, 15k words, this month. Maybe a meaningless metric, but I’ve been tracking it so why stop now. Most of the content was very explicitly summarizations of quotations of other people’s work.


Other Notes

  • Upcoming: From Counterculture to Cyberculture, maybe Gamification (which has been mostly put off for seven months now)
  • I’m done with the “Five Week Plans” because I never referred to them in my day-to-day life, and so their completion was purely incidental
  • I want to further categorize my posts for easier navigation. At this point I’m pretty much willfully making my blog difficult to pick up.
  • “Games Studies” podcast series idea: Got some good writing done, but we can’t converge on editing/recording. Mostly because everyone involved shelves it when other things come up, which is all the time. May have to consider pulling the plug until we can collectively prioritize it.
  • I and two former college dormmates are thinking pretty seriously about a product to take to market. We’ve prototyped some stuff up, done some validation work, and got some guidance by more experienced folk. We applied to an incubator but we’ll see how things go on that front.