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January 02014

A lot more words churned this month than I anticipated.

My new project at work consumed a lot of my schedule/thinking, but somehow the blog didn’t dry up- other projects suffered a bit, instead. February should see a re-balance.

14 posts published this month, ~24k words (and 2k in the wings, to-be-published). (Last month: 16 posts ~17k, November: 21 posts, 22.4k)

  • 6ish posts on Game Studies, mostly from an anthro POV, which is alien to most people I think. Notes on Huizinga, Caillois, and Walton (via Bateman).
  • 2 posts mulling on the idea of scenes and scenius, although I’m only satisfied with scraps of them.
  • ~3 posts on Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy, Deleuze’s DeLanda. I’m keeping an ear out for more on this. The book will ultimately get four posts.
  • I began slipping on the Devblog, because I have to write them basically when it’s time to post them. I don’t get the buffer that I get with my non-devblog posts, and that kills me. Gonna have to experiment with how to make that work.

Upcoming: Wrapping up Intensive Science for note-taking. Would like to hit Bogost’s Unit Operations, tying some flat ontology/object technology/game studies threads. Currently about 1/3 through The Second Machine Age (not eye-opening, but fun).


Reviewing Five Week Plan IV

  • Build a minigame in Unity. [Done. May discuss this later- still under wraps.]
  • Provide a plan to expand Emily’s art business (products and services) by at least 1 additional client in January. [Failed/Deemed Implausible- she’s booked by herself!]
  • Have a playable scenario ready in ShamanGame (even if it’s simple/ugly). [Hunting, to be polished up this weekend].
  • Test a podcast recording/editing. [Pushed back- we’re script writing. First round of scripts due in a little more than a week.]
  • Provide a plan to make at least $1000 additional (outside of work payment) for January. [Fell short of $1k. I guess money doesn’t grow on trees.]

Proposal: Five Week Plan V

  • No outside goals. I’m committing to pushing my dev projects forward along their respective timelines.

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