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February 02014

Fogbanking is now 6 months old, sporting a hefty 102 entries. As a supposed HCI guy, I really ought to do a better job with accessibility, but the spirit has not moved me.

I’m happy to be writing here- this little space really has given a lot of definition to what might’ve only been vague inclinations before, and has also helped to open up a lot discussion that has challenged me and clarified my thinking. When other people appreciate what I write, that’s obviously very gratifying too. In short, it’s been a good run so far and has become a relaxing hobby activity that never feels like work.

This month was only mildly less exhausting than last month, which did not fare well for some of my side-projects this month. I hate when that happens because I prefer to tinker with a mass of things rather than running long-distance with one thing for ages.

14 posts, 22.7k words, mostly notes on one of this month’s readings.

Upcoming: Into early March, I do have some posts for next week on multivocality/optionality. I’ve started reading some Fred Turner, first The Democratic Surround and then from Counterculture to Cyberculture. Later in the month I will start writing about games as artifacts.


Reviewing Five Week Plan V

  • Busy month! Healthcare startup is suddenly lurching forward, several local wins, and a submission to an interesting contest internal to my employer (fingers crossed).
  • I’m studying up for a new game design competition that I’m entering with my girlfriend by mid-March. Looks like a tall order on a short timescale.
  • After many delays, we are resuming with toying with the Game Studies series idea. Expecting a big working meeting this weekend.

Proposal: Five Week Plan VI

  • By the end of the month of March, I want at least one test episode of the Games Studies animal finished.
  • I want to have submitted to the game design competition mentioned above (Israeli space program stuff, really interesting)
  • If we win the current round, I’ll need to refine my entry to my employer’s competition (an interactive journey map).
  • If we get the green light on one of our toy products, I and two old college dormmates may submit an entry to Y Combinator.

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