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December 02013

So ends the month of December.

16 posts (13 if you exclude my devblog), adding up to ~16,800 words, much slimmer than November’s 21 posts at 22.4k words. I’ve had steadily increasing traffic, too, although I don’t really consider that a terribly important (or reliable, truth be told) metric. On 17 December I had the most hits I’ve ever had, and most of them weren’t even obviously spambots! It was exciting.

I started writing my devblog this month, which I felt actually helped keep the fire to my feet a little, even though I’m sure that for outsiders it’s not terribly interesting stuff to read. I slipped up for this past week- the holidays had me loading up on more social interactions than my bandwidth is intended to handle. Very little project work moved forward.

I’ve already got some posts finished for January- “games studies” stuff- and I’ve allowed a bit of backlog so that I can get back into scheduling my posts reliably.There’s some stuff on “deviant globalization” I’ll be reading soon and jotting notes on as well. The internet politics theme will continue, I’m looking for good resources on holacracy, distributed autonomous corporations, etc.

Future End-of-Month posts will be tagged to the DevBlog. I haven’t worked out how to completely separate these blogs, they’re technically (and thematically, occasionally) intertwined.


Reviewing Five Week Plan III

  • Be a grownup this Christmas. Get gifts for more people. [easy!]
  • Work on my Cantonese. [Although I’d prefer to learn Mandarin?] [Well, I didn’t get worse. Might make the switch and start from 0 Mandarin words.]
  • Learn Unity. [Done. Made a little shooter demo. Hella easy.]
  • Build and start my DevBlog. [Done. Weekly updates on what I’m doing. The imaginary pressure is helpful in pushing those projects forward, too. Missed a week for the holidays, I think that’s clearly an exception.]
  • Test a podcast recording/editing. [We’ve actually scheduled production to occur in January. This month was a grace period for reading and building notes into a private wiki.]
  • Determine whether to go/no-go on my digital magazine idea. [Go, recklessly.]
  • Read some more fiction.  [Won’t have time to do this properly for a while now.]
  • Re-up on Coursera? Probably not until next year. [Right.]
  • Provide a plan to make at least $1000 additional (outside of work payment) for December. [Narrowly a success.]
  • Buy an arduino set by my birthday (I’m done purchasing fun-things this year, after Glass). [Pushing this off.]


Proposal: Five Week Plan IV

  • Build a minigame in Unity.
  • Provide a plan to expand Emily’s art business (products and services) by at least 1 additional client in January. (em
  • Have a playable scenario ready in ShamanGame (even if it’s simple/ugly).
  • Test a podcast recording/editing.
  • Provide a plan to make at least $1000 additional (outside of work payment) for January. (The altcoin party is over, January’s going to be hard).

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