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Month: September 2014

Play-Spirit, and Those Who Ignore It

I. Deviants, and The Bad Sportsman 

A longtime co-conspirator has surfaced with a new blog. We share a canon on game studies issues, so we thought it might be fun and productive to write back and forth about game studies a bit and see how that works. So here we go.

His first article was about three classifications of [what I’m calling] deviants, and their occurrence in games and videogames.

Drawing from Huizinga, the “Cheater” flouts the rules but (nominally) respects the “play-spirit”, not breaking the game world for others. This Cheater is a merely a sinner, though- not an apostate or heretic like the “Spoilsport”. The Spoilsport violates the rules and breaks the kayfabe.

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