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Month: August 2014

Checking In

I was working from home for a couple of weeks. I write mostly in and around airplanes, so my writing/reading schedule fell apart for a bit. I’m travelling again for a short time, and so I hope to pick this back up. I’ve found writing somewhere regularly to be a pretty useful habit for organizing my thoughts, and losing time for it was no fun at all.

I became a man since I last wrote: I was Austria in my first game of Diplomacy. I learned, I lost, I regret nothing. (We agreed to share all missives at the end of the game. That was something.)

I also bought an Arduino starter kit and began wiring stuff with LEDS, buttons, motors, and relays. Next week I hope to run through the rest of the projects in the little manual and graduate to solving crucial life problems. I want to automatically water my plants and for my TV to swivel to face me when I walk to and from the kitchen. Life has been too hard for too long.

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