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Month: February 2014

Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy IV

(Tomorrow I post my first post on Unit Operations. I’ll probably be reading it at a slower pace, though.)


This is Part 4, on “Virtuality and the Laws of Physics”.

Part 1 (on “The Mathematics of the Virtual”)

Part 2 (on “The Actualization of the Virtual in Space”)

Part 3 (on “The Actualization of the Virtual in Time”)

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Mulling: Multivocality, Cities, Currency

This might not seem like the kind of urgent material that would require immediate posting, but I prefer to record my readings and reactions roughly as they occur, in whatever incomplete form they take. I might make prettier, denser posts if I collected myself first and edited longer after, but that hasn’t been how I’ve really conducted myself here thus far. Maybe in a month or two I may try my hand at a longer form essay, but right now the more stochastic style is suiting me. 

I started Unit Operations this past week (first post next week), and I’ve finished Intensive Science (final post tomorrow).

Below: On the power of inscrutability, a piece on Pittsburgh’s rebirth, a warning about Austin’s mortality, an interesting take on “money v. power”,  and anti-system parties.

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Seven Fundamental Laws of Spiritual Ecology

Two posts in one day- This breaks one of my unwritten rules, but I need to clean house and I’m not going to store a post for a rainy day, because on that rainy day the post may no longer seem relevant.

Below: Some quotes+notes on Greer’s Seven Laws, from Mystery Teachings From the Living Earth. 

I read it months ago, but I’ve been thinking about it again as I’ve been forced to read so much Complex Adaptive System -related stuff.

The koans are fun and interesting and can be read without supernatural baggage. The book itself is typically well-written and organized by Greer, involving very clear metaphors, meditations, and aphorisms. I can’t do it justice below but at least the gist of the rules can be understood.


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Why DeLanda

My backlog is huge. It’s much easier for me to type than it is to edit. Hm. It’s also easier to type on the plane than it is to read sometimes, too- bumpy flight. I’ll wrap up Intensive Science shortly.

I wanted to give a brief account of what, exactly, I find interesting in DeLandan/Deleuzian thought, because an old roommate raised his eyebrows when I started bringing them up in conversation. Deleuze was a target in Sokal’s infamous Fashionable Nonsense. 

I wanted to sketch my trajectory a bit.

I often feel the need to do this, not just to explain to you but also to keep my story straight to myself.

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Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy III

Also, it’s the Year of the Horse! That’s my year. It doesn’t mean anything to me but I’ll own anything if I’m told that it’s mine.

This is Part 3 of 4, on “The Actualization of the Virtual in Time”. (The final chapter will be “Virtuality and the Laws of Physics”).

In Part 1 (based on “The Mathematics of the Virtual”) I outlined DeLanda’s translation of Deleuze’s ontology, introducing the framework and the vocabulary.

In Part 2 (based on “The Actualization of the Virtual in Space”), I expanded on how virtual and actual things relate to each other, and how multiplicities relate to each other (ex. assemblages).


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